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If you are in the midst of a divorce, child custody case or another family law dispute, we can help you protect your rights and make informed choices with care and compassion.

Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens – divorce is not the end, just a speed bump on your road to happiness!

Sam felt the heaviness in his stomach when he walked inside his house, their house, after a long-day at work.  He knew what was coming but had avoided it for weeks – no, months…no years! He and Karen had been married almost nine years and together for another four years prior to marriage.  Karen was the only woman Sam knew.

Sam walked to the fridge, opened it grabbing a beer.  He opened it as he walked to the kitchen table. As he sat down at the kitchen table looking around at the papers scattered everywhere and the piles of uncleaned dishes, his thoughts drifted back to the many fights over Karen’s constant lateness and disdain for all of his interests, the decline of sex and other intimate moments, her utter lack of cleanliness and organization, the fights over her constant babying of their children, her half-hearted attempts at counseling. Sam knew there was no changing his mind this time.

Sam heard his bones creak as he scooted his chair in, going over in his mind again and again what he wanted to say.  A tsunami of feelings flooded into his brain – pain, sadness, anger, regret, love and its disappearance.  The kids were with Sam’s mother today. Sam sat and waited for Karen to get back from the grocery – she was supposed to be home already, but knowing Karen, she left late and got sidetracked shopping for things they couldn’t afford.  Sam found resolve in his mind; justification for the discussion he was about to have.  As he sat, waiting…his heart, he could hear it…it was getting louder and louder…beating faster and faster…and then, he heard the garage door open…

Walking down the aisle, you knew it was forever. Nothing was ever going to tear your love apart. You two had been through a lot already and made it past some tough times. Nothing was ever going to come between you – you could see growing old together, raising kids together, sending them off to college together and being at their weddings together. You two were going to see the world together and conquer it (or at least your part of it)!

You were determined not to become one of the statistics - you knew that 50% of marriages end in divorce – but not your marriage. You were beating those odds. Your marriage would be happily ever after. Your marriage would last forever.

Beth told Steve she thought it was time to think about ending the marriage.  She knew Steve would not take it well.  This was not the first time divorce was mentioned in their almost 20 years of marriage.  Their two high-school aged daughters had practically begged Beth to leave Steve on multiple occasions due to Steve’s propensity to verbally attack her – they said she deserved better.

Beth and Steve’s marriage was full of verbal and emotional abuse over the years. Initially, Steve started where he would poke or grab Beth’s shoulder during a heated moment.  Steve never resorted to punching or slapping. But, Steve had a temper from time to time, and it wasn’t good. He was not above yelling and slamming a door or punching a wall – the patches in their first apartment were a testament his anger.

But, Beth, she wasn’t a victim.  She told Steve early on to not put his hands on her again or she would call the police.  And that worked to stop any physical incidents but Steve’s anger and temper never left.

He went to the verbal, and she dealt with that over the years. From time to time, when his temper was getting out of hand, Beth would think about divorce and even mentioned it on a few occasions.  Things would get better – sometimes for years.

Not this time.  For the past few months, Steve’s anger and temper were just out of control.  Food not warmed up properly – yelling.  Clothes not folded immediately – she was a lazy b****.  A few minutes late coming home from her job as a teacher – she must be having an affair.  Nothing seemed beyond criticism and nowhere was safe.  Steve did not care if the girls heard him, he didn’t mind if the neighbors saw him acting like an imbecile, and last Christmas – Beth’s whole family witnessed a dressing down over, yep, turkey dressing.

The embarrassment she felt every time she faced the neighbors or her daughters or her family.  It was becoming too much to handle.  Beth tried reasoning with Steve, and recommended counseling – he was not interested.  And his drinking, it was getting worse.

Then, the day finally came.  During a particularly ridiculous outburst over clean dishes in the dishwasher, Beth kind of smiled and said something about the dishes being clean.  Steve couldn’t handle it.  He grabbed Beth in his rage.  She knew right then, could see it in his eyes…it was time.  She had to protect herself and her daughters.


Life was not supposed to turn out this way! Not your life anyway.  Your hands are shaking, your mind is racing – is it fear, is it anger, is it sadness? Deep down you knew something was wrong, but still never thought this would result! Every couple has problems and marriage is hard. And yours, it was worth saving. Or at least, that’s what you thought…

Jimmy heard the rumors…how could he not.  Everyone at the plant was talking.  He did not want to believe them and he had no real proof, but it was there…in the forefront of his mind…every time he went to work…what was Amber doing? Who was she with? Were the rumors true?...then, he saw the pictures and he could not deny it any more…


For so long, you fought to make things right; to come back to that place where it all began. You gave up yourself and your interests and your friends, because your marriage…that's what it needed. 

But now, your thoughts keep racing…"Is it really be over. Am I going to do this?"

And, here you are. Alone. Scared. Not knowing where to turn or what to do.  Looking online for a lawyer…a divorce lawyer. Not you. You were never going to need a divorce lawyer. You were never going to get a divorce. Your children weren’t going to have divorced parents. But here you are knowing…this decision…the hardest decision you ever made – it is the best and right decision for you.

My name is Loyd Bourgeois. My team and I compassionately guide people just like you…those making tough decisions and facing tough life choices…through one of life’s toughest battles – divorce.  And, we welcome the opportunity to guide you.

There is no sugar coating this – divorce is hard, even when it's amicable.  Tough decisions need to be made on your emotions, your finances, your children, your property.  You need a calm, level-headed voice to help you during this emotional time.


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