Disabilities can occur for a wide range of reasons, but for many people, serious injuries sustained in an auto accident may be the root cause. Serious injuries, such as those sustained in a car or other automotive accident can often leave injury victims in an extremely difficult position, unable to work or support themselves independently. Louisiana Car Accident Laywer, Loyd J Bourgeois

Those who have suffered a personal injury caused by someone else shouldn't have to pay for the costs on their own. If you have been the victim of a serious injury caused by someone else in Louisiana, attorney Loyd J. Bourgeois understands how dramatically your life may have been impacted as a result, and he works to help those who have suffered disabling injuries to pursue the financial support and compensation they need.

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If you have suffered an injury rendering you temporarily or permanently disabled, attorney Loyd J. Bourgeois is fully prepared to help you fight for justice.

I want you to take everything you think you know about Louisiana personal injury lawyers and throw those notions out the window. At my firm, we welcome you in as part of the family and fight for you like one of our own. We accept only a limited number of cases each year because we want to ensure you receive the time and attention you deserve.

When you are injured in a car accident in South Louisiana, you don't just need a lawyer—you need a trustworthy advocate and confidant who will understand the physical pain and stress you are experiencing. You need someone whose only interest is your best interest. Someone who will fight hard for you against the big bullies of the world – like insurance companies.

How much does an Injury Lawyer Cost?

I do not believe in charging clients a fee if they receive no benefit. For that reason, I handle almost all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay anything unless I recover money for you.

I understand that the legal aspects of your case may be unfamiliar, which is why I have filled my website with helpful, educational information. Whether or not you're ready to speak with us about your accident, you are more than welcome to browse my article library, blog, frequently asked questions, news articles, or our videos.

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Quick Guide to Louisiana Accident and Injury Claims

Louisiana personal injury lawyer, Loyd Bourgeois, believes in giving you the information you need, whether you become a client of his or not! He wrote the book Quick Guide to Louisiana Accident and Injury Claims. This is a helpful and informative guide that will lead you through some of the common mistakes that can wreck your personal injury claim. Discover why you may not even need an attorney! Get answers to your questions about recorded statements, paying medical bills, getting your vehicle repaired, negotiating a settlement, and much more! Don't make a costly mistake that could cause you to accept a settlement that is too small to cover your medical bills and lost wages! You need to read this before you talk to an attorney or insurance adjuster. We'd love to send you a copy. Just fill out the form below to receive your free copy of Quick Guide to Louisiana Accident and Injury Claims.