Are You Unable to Work Due to Disability and Need Help With Your SSDI Claim? Loyd Wants to Help You

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits to individuals suffering from a serious disability that prevents them from finding or maintaining work.

There are a number of different programs under which those with disabilities may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, but one of the most important is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program.

Social Security Disability lawyer, Loyd J Bourgeois

SSDI pays disability victims based on their previous work history and income, and it can be an important source of support for those who may not otherwise be able to cover the costs of living on their own.

If you need help with a Social Security Disability Insurance claim, attorney Loyd J. Bourgeois is fully prepared to help you.

How We Can Help Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you have been unable to work due to an illness or injury, chances are you have considered applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with the SSDI application and appeal process, and it can be extraordinarily difficult to get the disability benefits you need on your own. That’s why legal assistance can be so critical.

We can help you with issues involving:

We are fully prepared to help individuals in the Greater New Orleans area (Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, Algiers, Harvey, Marrero, Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, LaCombe, Folsom, Luling, Destrehan, Avondale, Laplace), as well as nationwide, with these and other needs relating to Social Security Disability Insurance.

Nora writes:

I need to go to the disability doctor for a physical and psych evaluation.  I've been seeing my general practitioner for 32 years and a neurologist many times since last July.  I am furious and scared.  I don't know why I even have to go to another doctor!

An experienced disability representative would talk to Nora about what to expect at the examination, find out why the records from her own doctor were not sufficient and help ease her fears...

However, instead of providing helpful information and practical guidance - which helps YOU make the best choice for YOU - too many disability mills take advantage of your situation with "your pain is my gain" TV, internet, billboard, and radio advertising, along with high-pressure sales tactics requiring you to sign on the dotted line before getting help.

You are looking for straightforward guidance, and we provide it!

9 Mistakes That Can Disable Your Social Security Disability Claim

9 Mistakes That Can Disable Your Social Security Disability Claim Book OfferIf you're preparing to apply for Social Security disability or appeal a claim denial, I've written a book 9 Mistakes that Can Disable Your Social Security Disability Claim.

This is a helpful and informative guide that will guide you through some of the common mistakes and errors that lead to unfavorable Social Security Disability decisions.

Don't make a costly mistake that could cause you to lose the benefits that you need to survive!

I want you to have a copy. Just click here to receive your free copy of my book 9 Mistakes That Can Disable Your Social Security Disability Claim.

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Speaking of those disability mills... Jonathan writes:

My attorney never prepped me for the hearing, although he did call the day before the hearing.  I asked him if he had developed any kind of case at all.  He didn't really address my concerns, either.  My attorney just stated that I meet the listing for Multiple Sclerosis.  He didn't explain how or why I meet it.  I struggled to answer questions and even forgot to answer several questions the Administrative Law Judge asked me.  The entire hearing was completely confusing.  I called the attorney immediately after the hearing concluded, and he has not returned my call...

Poor Jonathan! This was perhaps the biggest legal issue he has faced in his life, and his attorney wouldn't even return his call!*

*But Not Us!

We want to help you with useful information even before you hire us.  It's just part of our DNA.

My name is Loyd Bourgeois, and I believe in truly helping those facing disability get the benefits they deserve.  My firm and I have been fighting for hard-working folks just like you for more than 10 years now.  We do it with compassion, communication, and information.

You are a hard-working person facing a difficult period in your life because of illness or injury.  You paid into the system for a very long time and need it to work for you.

You are simply not the type to fall for those false promises.

You do not believe in the "jackpot" justice peddled by those attorneys promising the moon.  And you deserve a little help for all you have given.

What our Social Security Disability Clients Say:

Wendy Quillin
Loyd and his staff are amazing! They go above and beyond for their clients! From day one I was informed of the long, tedious process of my case. I was constantly updated with emails and received literature with the steps and anticipated progression. I was reminded consistently to keep them updated on my medical treatment and even received personal messages of concern when a difficult prognosis was anticipated. Loyd cares deeply for his clients and you can see and feel it as he fights for what’s right and fair and deserved. He’s not just your attorney, he is a friend and he is your confidante. Very professional and responsive, but caring and concerned. I would (and have) recommend Loyd to anyone looking for a caring, sympathetic, professional, experienced, honest, available and hands-on attorney! He is the kind of attorney you want fighting with you and for you in difficult times. Somebody you can rely on and trust and that takes time to really listen and help, even when it’s just a shoulder to cry on. HE CARES! Thank you Loyd for all you have done for me on this rough journey!
Loyd J Bourgeois, LLC
Date published: 12/02/2019
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Get the Answers to your SSDI Questions

Additionally, Social Security disability applicants can find many of the answers to their questions about the Social Security disability claims process on our SSDI FAQs page or blog.

Some of our most popular and helpful topics include:

And that leads us to the two questions we get most often....

How Much Does a Social Security Lawyer Cost?

When people call our office, they are usually out of work due to their disability and are concerned that they cannot afford a disability lawyer.

The good news is that hiring a disability lawyer does not cost anything upfront.

We only get paid if you get paid.

Federal disability law fees are set by law and cannot exceed 25% of your back benefits.

In many cases, the maximum is $6,000 (if we win at the first hearing). That’s because I generally use the fee agreement process.

AND that amount is ONLY due if I am successful in representing you.

If your claim is denied, you owe no attorney fees.

We handle disability cases nationwide. There are no upfront costs, and you only pay us if we're successful in getting you benefits.

Do I Qualify for Disability?

After helping hundreds of people across the country obtain disability benefits, we can get a good idea if you qualify by simply asking you a few easy questions.

Take our quick SSDI quiz, and we can tell you if we think you will qualify!

Do I Qualify for SSDI?

Talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney

Because each individual’s situation is unique, it is always a good idea to talk to an attorney before filing or appealing your claim.

Contact Loyd J. Bourgeois, Attorney at Law today by calling 985-240-9773 to speak directly with a qualified legal professional about the issues and questions specifically involved in your disability claim.

There is no fee for an initial consultation, and you can begin to get the help you need with your disability claim.

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