Meet the LJB Legal team

LJB Legal's Core Values

LJB Legal Core Values

Our entire team operates by the following core values:


    Clients trust us to handle their case properly, effectively and we take it seriously.  Regardless of the obstacles in our way – slow-moving government agencies, tight-fisted insurance companies, obstinate former spouses, overworked medical providers, and more – we have to deal with these issues, and still at the end of the day – GET IT DONE! Our clients and fellow team members are counting on us.


    The legal practice pulls us in many directions and gives us many choices to make throughout the course of a day, a week, a year – an intake, a case, a settlement – and those choices are often difficult.  The correct choice – always – is to do the right thing. 

    Even if the right thing is painful – like telling a client they do not have a case, not allowing a client to lie about the facts or just listening to a distraught client get some things off their chest. 

    By doing the right thing – we protect our clients, our firm, our team, and our reputation.


    Whatever we do we own it.  From our victories to our marketing to our failures and mistakes – we own it.  We truly believe with great responsibilities – helping clients through difficult times – comes great expectations.  We own those expectations by creating them, embracing them, and then delivering on them.

    And, we do so while operating with transparency.  From our external communications with clients, courts, care providers, and others – to our internal communications with our team – we don’t play games, we don’t hide the ball, and we keep things in the open.  This fosters trust, compassion, and respect both externally and internally.


    Our clients come to us usually at difficult moments in their life – they are sick and can no longer work; they were hurt in a crash and don’t know how to get or pay for medical treatment; their marriage has fallen apart and their emotions are a roller coaster – they look to us for help and we are there to provide it with compassion. 

    Good legal help can be found in many places – but we separate ourselves by listening, communicating, and providing compassion.

The LJB Way

Our firm is different because we believe we are different and the way we treat people – team members, clients, other attorneys, callers, and really anyone we interact with – shows we are different.

Our core values make us different. They give us a purpose and are a guiding beacon for those moments of indecision. 

But more than that, our core values are the way we operate on a day-to-day basis. They are our difference.

We fight life's legal battles with compassion and care.


Attorney Loyd BourgeoisI was first drawn into the fight for long-term disability benefits when I had to fight for a relative’s disability benefits.  My cousin was “on disability” but the disability insurance company “determined” she was able to work even though the disability insurance company never examined my relative. The long-term disability insurer made its determination although my relative was still suffering many negative effects from having brain cancer, brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

The denial occurred after my relative had received benefits for two years.  I learned this was a common practice in the disability insurance industry and is called the “any occupation review.”

The methods the long-term disability insurance company used to deny further benefits and the arguments they made truly astounded me.  I was ticked and fought hard to get them to overturn their decision.  Eventually, we won.  But it took months.

What I learned along the way about the practices in this industry really made me mad. People were doing the right things in life — working hard, raising good families, paying bills, going to church, being good friends and family members — but when they became sick or were injured, the protections they thought they had were pulled from under them.

The battles many of you are waging for social security disability (SSDI) or for long-term disability benefits convinced me that I needed to focus my abilities on helping you.

In September 2010, I opened my own law firm, so that I could center my practice on fighting for disability clients. 

Over time, I saw the battles many of my clients were facing as a result of greedy insurance company tactics designed to delay and deny.  Some of my clients are injured in serious automobile crashes or industrial incidents.  These clients were not being treated fairly and it re-ignited my passion.  I started helping more and more clients fight for fair compensation for their disabling personal injury.

I am committed to helping the little guy stand up to BIG insurance companies and government agencies.   

Loyd J. Bourgeois, LLC. is a Luling, Louisiana-based law firm with a specific interest in helping disabled workers fight for Social Security disability, Long-Term Disability, and car accident/injury compensation. You worked for it and you have paid your dues! 

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SSA Hearing Representative, Christy Crotwell

My name is Christy Crotwell.   Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated with the law.  Watching shows with my grandmother such as Perry Mason, In the Heat of the Night, and the very early years of Law and Order introduced me to the power of the law. While these shows present fictitious situations, they spurred my imagination.  I was drawn to the legal world!  And, I made it happen! I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a BA in Political Science with a pre-law concentration and a minor in Paralegal Studies making me a Certified Paralegal in 2006 and again when I passed the Social Security Representative exam in 2019.

I love the work that I do as a paralegal and a Social Security Representative– whether it is helping clients figure out solutions to their problems, researching interesting concepts, learning about the significant medical issues our clients face, winning disability benefits for our clients, or just being there to listen.   My work is truly rewarding and everything I imagined it being.

I have known and worked with Loyd since 2006.  Joining my friend and former co-worker, Loyd Bourgeois in his practice was the best professional decision I have ever made.  I assist with all aspects of his practice from working directly with clients to understand their situations to dealing with the Social Security Administration, insurance adjusters, and courts.  I know together that we will accomplish great success for our clients!