Who should pay my medical bills after I'm injured in a wreck?

I'm Louisiana injury attorney Loyd Bourgeois. Here to answer a frequently asked question that we get here in our office.

"Who pays the medical bills after you've been injured in an auto accident?"

Often times, this is the most pressing question we get from clients. They're facing medical treatment and bills. They don't know exactly how to get them paid for. They don't want to have collections calling them. They don't really know what to do.

Our advice in this situation is pretty simple. If you have medical insurance through your employer or through your spouse, you want to use that medical insurance to pay for your medical treatment. Now at the end of the day, they may have a claim against any recovery you get. 

But in the short term, it is best to get the treatment that you need for your injuries through your medical insurance provider. Now you may ask, "Why? I thought the other party was responsible for paying for my medical bills." And, you would be right.

But, the other party or insurance company will not pay for your medical bills as you incur them. They will basically wait until the case is fully resolved. Whether that be through a settlement or a judgment, to pay all the medical bills at one time, in one lump sum along with paying you for any pain and suffering. So, you may have to go years without any recovery from the other responsible party. During that time you're going to need treatment. So you should use your own insurance company to pay for your medical treatment. That will include Medicare or Medicaid if you have that as well. Now, some people do purchase medical payments or med pay coverage through their own auto insurance, and if you do have that you can submit your bills through them to be reimbursed. Again, it probably won't be on an as you incur them basis right away, but you'll be able to get it reimbursed sooner. But they too may have a claim against any future recovery you may get as result of your injury.

But, I hope this answers your question about who pays for your medical bills after your auto accident. I'm Louisiana disability and personal injury attorney Loyd Bourgeois. I trust you found this answer helpful. If you're looking for more answers to frequently asked questions, take a look out the information on our website.  If you're looking for help, do not hesitate to give us a call at 985-240-9773.  Our team is here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve after an injury.

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