Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Louisiana

Joe goes into his insurance agent’s office to purchase auto insurance on his new car.  He purchases “full coverage” with liability limits of $100K/$250K.  His deductible is $1,000 per month.  When his agent asks him if he wants UM ("Uninsured Motorist") coverage for an additional $800 per month, Joe scoffs – what is UM coverage and why would I almost double my bill?

Uninsured Underinsured Motorist Coverage in LouisianaJane is in the same situation.  Except, when she is asked if she wants to buy UM coverage, Jane says, “Yes!” 

Jane knows that UM coverage provides her protection in case of an injury where (1) the at-fault driver has no insurance or (2) the at-fault driver does not have enough insurance. 

In Louisiana, almost 15% of Louisiana driver’s on our roadways do not have insurance at all.   And, another 40% only have the state minimum coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. 

So, Jane knows that in a state where 65% of drivers have minimum coverage or less, she must protect herself by purchasing UM coverage.  UM coverage provides you additional coverage for any injuries sustained in a wreck when the at-fault party has no coverage or not enough coverage.  UM coverage gives you the ability to take personal responsibility knowing that others fail to do so. 

Uninsured Motorist coverage also gives you some legal protections in case of an injury. 

Your UM insurer owes you a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  Your UM insurer will be required to pay on your UM claim once you prove:

  • the uninsured or underinsured status of the owner or operator of the automobile that caused the accident;
  • the fault of the owner or operator of that automobile;
  • the damage resulting from such fault; and,
  • the extent of those injures.

Send your UM insurer your medical records proves your damages and injuries.  Once the UM insurer receives proof of your claim, it has 30 days to pay you the limits of your UM policy or make an “unconditional tender.”  An unconditional tender is a “no-strings-attached” payment on your claim based on the extent of your damages. 

If your UM insurer fails to abide by its duty of good faith and fair dealing, the UM insurer can be assessed penalties and attorney fees

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