What to do if you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After a Car Accident

You were in an auto crash on River Road in Luling, Louisiana.  You suffered a torn rotator cuff.  It was supposed to heal quickly after surgery.  But, the pain – it won’t stop!  It just burns and hurts for anyone to touch it.  What is going on? 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

You may have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. CRPS is a chronic pain syndrome where you may feel severe burning pain, extreme sensitivity to touch, swelling, excessive sweating and tissue discoloration.

Usually, it is in one arm, leg, hand, foot, elbow, or knee, but sometimes can affect multiple limbs.  CRPS is sometimes called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD or RSDS). CRPS/RSDS can be a disabling injury.

Your physical symptoms and pain are debilitating.  Your entire life is affected.

When your pain is at its peak, you feel – helpless, hopeless, frustrated, angry. You can no longer do your job, handle your family responsibilities, or even talk to your loved ones. 

To make matters worse – some don’t believe you.  This is not you and you were not this way before the crash damaged your nerves.  You just want to be better and back to how you were before!

The mental and emotional toll has hurt your relationships with family and friends.  You feel lonely and isolated. You are overwhelmed.

You want help!

If your CRPS results from an injury you sustained, there are some factors that must be considered to determine if you can recover any money for this disabling injury.

Call the disabling injury lawyer of Louisiana Disability Law at (985) 240-9773 to discuss the cause and other factors of your complex regional pain syndrome today!

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