Which is better for people with diabetes, bypass surgery or stents?

According to The American Heart Association, death rates from heart disease among diabetics are two to four times higher than those who are not diabetic. Not surprisingly, researchers have been focusing on care for diabetic patients with cardiovascular diseases. A recent editorial published by Dr. Mark Hlatky in the New England Journal of Medicine argues that patients with diabetes fared significantly better when treating clogged arteries with bypass surgery than with stent implants.

Dr. Hlatky, a cardiologist, argues that recent research found that bypass surgery was more beneficial for diabetic patients than newer drug-eluting stent technology to improve blood flow. The research indicated that the five-year rate for suffering a major cardiac event or nonfatal stroke was 26.6 percent for those whose arterial blockage was treated with a stent, while bypass patients had an 18.7 percent rate—a reduction of approximately 8%.

This is important news for a New Orleans Social Security Disability attorney to pass onto his clients, since Louisiana ranks 4th worst for heart disease related deaths and has the 7th most people with diabetes in the country. Diabetes is one of the many diseases that can create several related disabling health conditions and magnify other health problems.

When you have been diagnosed with a disease such as diabetes, the potential for developing disabling health conditions may be a key factor in filing for social security and long-term disability benefits. It is important to discuss your health care and some of the latest studies with your doctor to help you stay in good health even with a disabling health condition.