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Has your application for Social Security Disability been DENIED?

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Louisiana Disability Attorney Loyd J. Bourgeois


I am Louisiana Disability Attorney Loyd Bourgeois, and I hear stories every day about good, hard-working people struggling to make ends meet because they can't work anymore. The onset of a medical disability can affect you physically, mentally and socially. A long-term disability often imposes significant financial hardship. And despite your disability, you have been denied the benefits that you paid for and deserve.

Disability benefits help replace lost income, but most people find that the application process is complicated and overwhelming.

Many Louisiana Social Security Disability claimants are confused by the process. They do not understand why they were denied or why it often takes so long to get their social security disability benefits.

ERISA Long-term Disability applicants are similarly confused. The mountains of paperwork; the lost medical records; the friendly "case manager" on the other end of the phone.

What should you do if you are fighting for disability benefits?

I am Louisiana Disability Lawyer Loyd Bourgeois, and I am committed to helping my clients get the Social Security Disability benefits or ERISA long-term disability benefits they deserve. I listen intently. I care deeply. I am committed to getting positive results for YOU and will personally handle your case.

I understand the challenges my clients face, and I know how to help.

I believe you and together we will fight to get you the benefits you need and deserve!

You can explore my blog, view Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability, learn more about me, or check out my library and video tips.

If you have questions or are anxious to get started with your appeal, call me at 888-LJB-4-SSDI (888-552-4773) or fill out the case submission form on this page for a free case evaluation.
Here are a few videos from the Louisiana Disability Law Library that may help you with your claim.

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The Importance Of A Medically Verified Condition

Other videos include: Consultative Examination in Social Security Disability Cases and "Long-Term Disability - Why You Need To Read Your Policy!