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Social Security Disability Reports

Social Security Disability: 8 Deadly Mistakes That Can Disable Your Disability Claim (and 6 Actions to Help) – Learn 8 common mistakes that disability claimants make when applying for social security disability benefits or appealing a denial. This report also gives you 6 actions you can take that may help you get the social security disability benefits you need and deserve.

Social Security Disability: The First Step – this brief report lets you know the first step to securing social security disability benefits.

Social Security Disability: Sequential Evaluation – this report explains the five steps that the Social Security Administration will take in reviewing your disability claim to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for obtaining benefits.  A handy flow chart of the sequential evaluation process is provided.

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Social Security Disability: Classifying Past Work – this report outlines how the Social Security Administration will view your past work history in determining whether or not you can do your past jobs with your disabling condition.

Social Security Disability: RFC – this report explains the importance of a residual functional capacity exam to the Social Security Administration, what a residual functional capacity is, and how it is utilized.

Additional social security disability reports will be added in the future.

Long-Term Disability Benefits Reports

8 Specific Actions To Take Before Filing Your Long-Term Disability Claim – this short long-term disability tips check list gives you eight specific things you need to do before you file your long-term disability claim.  Other reports discuss in more detail each of these eight things.

Disabling Effect of Your Policy’s Definition of Disability – think just because your doctor says you are disabled, you are disabled — think again.  This long-term disability benefits report explains how the definition of disability in your policy disables your ability to receive disability benefits.

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9 Important Things To Know Before Filing Your Claim – this long-term disability report is a more extensive companion of the 8 Specific Actions to Take Before Filing Your Long-Term Disability Claim.  Topics like knowing your policy are explored as well as others.

6 Necessary Virtues in Filing Your Long-Term Disability Claim – this report outlines six key issues that you need to be aware of when filing your long-term disability claim.

Dealing With The Disability Insurer – It’s Not Over Once Your Claim Is Accepted – this report explains how your disability policy affects the continued receipt of disability benefits even after you have been approved.  The report discusses the continuing disability and treatment requirement, offsets, and the dreadful ANY OCCUPATION change in the definition of disability.

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