I was not too sure what to do when I found out the news in my marriage.

I was scared, unsure, confused, and lost.

Loyd Bourgeois took time to come meet with me. He sat and listened to me tell him my situation with lots of crying in the middle. His presence was calm and soothing which allowed me to talk honestly.

Loyd shared with me the Louisiana laws involving divorcing. He helped me make a decision that was the best for my interests.

I chose to wait to file until 6 months after I left.

During that time of waiting EVERYTIME I had a question or concern Loyd was available. His staff immediately or the next day responded to my emails and calls!

When the 6 months was up and I wanted to still go through it and file for divorce they took care of everything.

I never had to worry about anything.

Loyd and his team sent me updates without me having to ask. I always felt they genuinely cared about me and my case.

Upon closing the case Lucy was a great help with my coming to terms with a new path. Her kind words upon closing of the divorce gave me peace.

I recommend Loyd J. Bourgeois because they work from their heart!

Janet Horton, Metairie