Louisiana Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Attorney

Social Security disability benefits can play a key role in helping individuals with disabilities and low incomes to be able to live on their own. The most important program in this regard is the Supplemental Security Income(SSI) program administered by the Social Security Administration. This program provides substantial financial assistance to individuals and families struggling to deal with disabilities who may not have the means to do so on their own.

SSI benefits can be a critical form of support for many people, but it can sometimes be difficult to actually apply for these benefits successfully. However, with legal assistance, the application process can be significantly simplified. If you need help with an SSI application in Louisiana, attorney Loyd J. Bourgeois is happy to offer advice and assistance at every stage of the application or appeals process.

Our Supplemental Security Income Practice Areas

SSI benefits come in a number of different forms, and eligibility can be reached by satisfying a number of different requirements. We can help clients at any stage of the application or appeals process, including assistance with:

  • Filing a Social Security Disability Claim
  • Appealing a Social Security Disability Claim
  • SSD Application Forms
  • SSDI & SSI Application Status
  • Social Security Disability Benefits

We have considerable experience helping Louisiana residents with all aspects of an SSI claim, and we are ready to put this experience to work for you.

Speak With an SSI Lawyer in Louisiana

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