I listened to a seminar from a national disability representative’s organization recently.  One of the representatives – let’s call him Phil –  had previously been employed in SSA disability denial sections for over 20 years but recently retired.  Phil noted that with renewed political focus on disability claims and recent changes to how medical evidence is evaluated in Social Security Disability claims winning Louisiana Social Security Disability claims is harder than ever!  Phil believes that in 2017 Social Security disability approval rates will continue to decline.  Phil shared his expertise with the group and because this information is so POWERFUL I have to share it with you.  Here are Four Powerful Strategies For Winning Louisiana Social Security Disability Claims4 Powerful Strategies to Win SSDI in 2017:

  1. Have current, ongoing, consistent medical records up until the date of the hearing!
  2. Have your doctor write a narrative letter tying your medical condition to the specific limitations you are suffering!
  3. Focus on non-exertional impairments!
  4. Credibility Is Key, so make sure to cover all credibility factors!

These are important strategies that our firm has been focusing on for years before the recent changes.  They will be critically important in new claims.

If you are suffering from a disability and are stressed about going it without help – give me a call!  The call is free and my team can tell you within minutes if we are able to help you fight for the benefits you spent a lifetime working for.  Our number – 985-240-9773!

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