Having handled hearings for many New Orleans and other Louisiana Social Security disability claimants, I am often asked – how can I present my case most effectively at my Social Security disability hearing?

At your hearing, your testimony should focus on the following:

  • Your physical symptoms, including your pain, its severity, and the resulting restrictions;
  • Your functional capacity: ability to sit, stand, walk, lift, carry, manipulate, and travel;
  • Your current daily activities and any changes to your activities and life due to your disability;
  • Maybe the requirements of the jobs you held in the last 15 years – exertional, skill, and stress levels; and
  • Your current medical treatment: length, frequency, medication, etc.

Sometimes having friends, family or co-workers testify can help, but usually, the ALJ is more interested in your specific testimony.  Plus, new regulations do not require ALJs to even comment on this witness testimony. 

As a Louisiana Social Security disability lawyer, I have developed and polished many effective techniques for winning benefits. If you or someone you love is fighting for Social Security disability benefits, give us a call at Louisiana Disability Law.  We have the experience to guide you through this difficult process and present the best possible case for you before the Administrative Law Judge.

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