Is it important to have a Louisiana Personal Injury lawyer?

Take a look around you – on television, in the newspaper, in politics - the insurance industry spends plenty of money to wage war against injured victims and their attorneys. The insurance companies have one agenda – pretend they are the good guys with their touching television commercials and propaganda so that they can get you to think they are helping you when you get hurt or injured, and thus keep their costs lower.  

Is having a Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer Important?

Insurance companies promote legislation favorable to their profitability and do everything possible to paint the civil justice system as out of control and overrun with fraudulent claims.  Look – the simple truth is there are some claimants and attorneys willing to file frivolous or fraudulent claims. These abusers have made it difficult for legitimate personal injury victims like you to find justice. I agree that these fraudsters must be held accountable.  Their goal is to influence the minds and preconceptions of jurors against accident victims and their personal injury attorneys before they even hear the facts of a given case.

But what does this mean for you – a legitimate injury victim?

  1. You are the insurance company’s enemy! No matter how legitimate your claim, and no matter how badly you are injured, the insurance company’s goal is to pay you as little as possible. Period. You are merely a claim on its books, negatively affecting its bottom line, just like a fraudulent claim.
  2. The insurance industry has made you the jury’s enemy as well! No matter how legitimate your claim, and no matter how badly you are injured, the insurance industry’s propaganda campaign has convinced your friends, family, and neighbors that YOU are the reason insurance is so high.  These people will make up your jury at the end of the day.  And, you must prepare for this from the beginning of your case.  You must convince the skeptical that you are seriously injured.  You are the enemy.

In my experience, insurance companies usually do not offer a fair settlement until you have an approaching actual trial date and prove to them that you are ready, willing and able to competently and effectively present your case at trial.

But do not lose faith. Despite the insurance industry’s desire, legitimate cases are still won and juries still award just damages to seriously injured victims, like you.

If you are looking for an attorney who can get it done and is not afraid of taking bold action to help you hold the insurance company accountable, Louisiana Disabling Injury and Louisiana personal injury attorney Loyd Bourgeois at Louisiana Disability Law can look at the specifics of your case to determine the grounds for your Louisiana personal injury lawsuit and help you file your claim. Contact us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation – (985) 240-9773 or use our online contact form.

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