Have you been seriously injured in a crash or maritime/industrial incident? Are you now dealing with a disabling injury? Did your crash/incident occur in Louisiana’s River Parishes (St. Charles Parish, St. John the Baptist Parish, St. James Parish)?

5 signs that it's time to hire a personal injury attorneyYou need to decide if you need a local injury attorney to help protect you and your family from the insurance industry.  The simple truth is this – You need to hold the insurance company accountable. You decide – what is the best way for getting it done?!

If you experienced a severe or disabling injury, you may or may not need to speak with a Louisiana personal injury attorney. Some signs that it is time to contact an injury attorney include:

  1. Someone else caused the injury;
  2. Insurance companies are denying your claims, or refusing to tell you how much coverage is available for your damages;
  3. The responsible party or their insurance company refuses to acknowledge their responsibility;
  4. Your injuries required surgery, extensive medical treatment, and are not getting better;
  5. You have high medical bills or significant property damage directly related to the accident.

Use your common sense and decide for yourself.  Do you need an attorney? 

Peace of mind is important.  Louisiana disabling injury attorney Loyd Bourgeois at Louisiana Disability Law can look at the specifics of your case to determine the grounds for your Louisiana personal injury lawsuit and help you file your claim. Contact us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation – (985) 240-9773.
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