We Support the United Way of St. Charles’ Backpack Program to Feed Hungry Children

St. Charles Parish bills itself as the Parish of Plenty. And for many, it is. From Ama to Des Allemands on the west bank and St. Rose to Montz on the east bank and Luling to Destrehan, St. Charles Parish has much to offer in terms of educational opportunities, recreational opportunities, and economic opportunities.

Unfortunately, not everyone has as bountiful a harvest even in this Parish of Plenty. One example of this was noticed in some local schools. School personnel became concerned when they noticed some children would hoard bread, milk or other items from their lunch or breakfast plates in their school bags. When these personnel dug deeper, what they found was shocking and sad, especially in this Parish of Plenty. You see, these children were bringing the food home to their younger siblings who often would have to go without food during the day since they were not at school and who also were not getting a full meal each night. The kids were also saving the food from school so that they would have something to eat over the weekend when the meals provided at school were not available.

A Solution to the Problem

Upon realizing the situation, the school personnel realized something had to be done. In conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank, the United Way of St. Charles Parish implemented a backpack program at the most economically disadvantaged schools. This program provides a backpack filled with nutritious food for the neediest of children to bring home with them over the weekend. The backpack ensures that children (and their siblings) who would go without while away from school have some food to get them through the weekend.

As a board member of the United Way of St. Charles Parish, I am proud that our organization was able to help meet a great need for our community. But, more help is needed.

Currently, the UWSC is able to fund approximately 400 backpacks per week for needy children. Unfortunately, this does not cover every child. School and health personnel believe many more go without food for at least some portion of a weekend. I know our community can do better, and that together we can achieve funding to provide a backpack to each child in need.

Please Help Give Back If You Can

A backpack program sponsorship costs only $250 per year. One $250 donation goes to providing weekend and holiday meals to a needy child for the entire school year. When a child does not have to worry about where his or her next meal will come from they can focus on the educational opportunities in front of them and work towards bettering their lot in life.

If you would like to sponsor one backpack to ensure one kid gets food each weekend for a year, please visit the United Way of St. Charles Parish’s Donate Now Page and note that you are sponsoring a backpack.

I believe in this program and have committed to sponsoring at least two backpacks for the next year. Will you join me?

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