I've seen this meme float around today, so I thought that I should give some helpful tips to people who would like to try it out.

  1. Me looking at the eclipse without glasses so I can file disability on TuesdayMake sure you have good health insurance.  You will have to have loads of medical evidence to support your claim.  All co-pays and deductibles for multiple doctors, specialists, tests, procedures, and treatments will need to be paid by you out-of-pocket.
  2. Make sure your savings account is fully stocked.  The disability process is long, and if you do receive disability benefits, they most likely will not arrive for 2 years once you go through the claim, denial, appeal, hearing, and decision process.  Once you've been approved, it could be many months before Social Security actually delivers your benefits.  It's best to have at a minimum, 2 years worth of pay on hand to get you through this time.
  3. You'll also want to have some extra saved up since disability will only pay you a fraction of your monthly earnings.  You'll need a stack of cash on hand to make up the monthly difference.
  4. Make sure you burn your eyes really good.  If the Vocational Expert finds that there are jobs that you can still do with your condition, you will be denied benefits. Take a long last look at your kids, spouse, house, etc, then just totally fry those puppies.  
  5. If you haven't figured it out yet, this just isn't a smart idea at all.  The disability process is long, difficult, financially-draining, and not particularly lucrative.  Approval rates are in decline, and this trend will most likely continue.  These memes and the popular idea that disability is a quick, easy check are false and make the process even more difficult for honest, hard-working people who have serious medical problems that prevent them from continuing to work and are struggling to get through the disability process.
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