What’s our story; why are we doing divorce and family law now?  

Look, it’s no secret (just search my name on the internet), my firm has made its reputation doing disability and personal injury law (and we will still do those cases) and we are very good at it (again – read our client reviews!).  

Early in my career, I actively stayed away from family law cases – perhaps because as a child in a divorced family, I didn't want to relive the hurt of a crying third-grader sitting on the floor against the couch in his living room while his parents fought about “divorcing” in the bedroom.  

But, two things changed for me:

  1. Our clients keep asking us to help them in their difficult family law situations; they told me how they had worked with other lawyers but never felt as informed and cared about as when they were working with our team; a few even told me – you say you help during life’s tough times (i.e., disability and personal injury), but divorce is one of the toughest times people face and we need your brand of help (information, compassion, understanding, access, and more)!
  2. And my younger brother called me up one day with the news he was divorcing and I was forced to re-evaluate my long-held practice of “sticking my head in the sand” on divorce cases, what I learned in helping him has transformed me and my thinking – for the better.  

So, now – in this new year – we are embarking on a new voyage expanding our brand of help to those facing one of life’s toughest times!  And, we are going to do it in the ways you have come to expect from us, which is:

  • Providing you with the information necessary to help you understand what’s at stake, what choices you have, and by helping you make the decisions which will help you move forward and onward in your life; and
  • With the care and compassion, you deserve and should expect during this difficult time.

If you or your loved ones are in need of a divorce, child custody, or family law attorney have them call us at (985) 240-9773.

Loyd J. Bourgeois
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