School’s Out, Summer’s Here

With baited bSummer is herereath and eager anticipation, they stepped off the school bus for the last time in 2016-2017 school year.  Two-plus months with no homework, tests, teachers or cafeteria lunches. The day most kids, including mine, have been looking forward to since probably the first day of school.  School is out and summer is here.

In that same moment, when their foot hit the pavement as they exited the school bus for the last time in the next two-plus months, the reality of the situation hits the parents, including my wife and I…how many nights per week am I going to be asked to either sleep out or have someone sleep over…how will I referee the near constant bickering without going crazy…can I keep enough food in the house?  And if so, will I be able to keep enough money in the bank?...Remember to put sunscreen on them each day…and make sure they bathe…

Here’s to summer!

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