Promising New Brain Surgery Technique

A new brain surgery technique for brain tumor patients indicates a more accurate, safer and more efficient pathway for patients. The technique is based on what is called Raman histology. Neurosurgeons and pathologists at Michigan Medicine recently detailed this advance in medicine in the Nature Biomedical Engineering paper. 

The new technique may change the brain surgery for the better.  Raman allows for a faster surgery and diagnosis during the surgery.  This eliminates the need to send the tissue to another lab for processing. The doctors estimate the new technique may shrink surgery times from approximately 30 minutes to less than 5 minutes. 

During testing, the new technique produced results that were as accurate as traditional pathology slides.  The next step is utilizing computers to read the slides created using the new technique to allow for even more accuracy and efficiency.

While still in testing stages, the system is currently only intended for research.  This new technique shows lots of promise and hopefully, the testing proves its safety and reliability.  Shorter brain surgery times can result in less cost to the patient and quicker recovery times. 

For more detailed information, see Rapid intraoperative histology of unprocessed surgical specimens via fibre-laser-based stimulated Raman scattering microscopy, Daniel A. Orringer et al., Nature Biomedical Engineering, doi:10.1038/s41551-016-0027.

Having had a few disability clients needing brain surgery including my cousin who was my first disability case, any improvement in this area is welcome.  

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