Injury victims find well-meaning advice from relatives, friends or co-workers plentiful in the days following their injury.  The advice can range from how to handle a claim without a personal injury lawyer, to which attorney they should hire. When you were injured in a car crash, it seems everyone has their own perspective on what you should do!

Myths about Personal Injury AttorneysHaving represented injured and disabled individuals for a number of years now, I have heard some crazy stories about “advice” given to my clients by their friends and family.  Here are some of the top myths:

  1. My friend had this type of injury.  He received $X.  I expect to get the same amount. 
  2. My friend received a good offer from the insurance company without an attorney, so I don’t think I need one. 
  3. The defendant is at fault and has enough insurance to pay for all of my damages. 
  4. You have to give a recorded statement to the insurance company.
  5. You have to sign medical, employment and other releases to get a settlement offer from the insurance company. 
  6. The insurance company will pay your medical bills and lost earnings as you incur them.
  7. All attorneys and law firms charge the same fee in personal injury cases.
  8. I am severely injured, so this case is a slam dunk and we will both get rich!
  9. The settlement or judgment value in a personal injury case can be determined by a set formula for a given type of injury.

Contrary to common belief, none of the above is remotely true.

Were you injured in an automobile crash in St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, or St. James Parish?  Are you a River Parish resident who wants local representation for your injury claim?  I am Luling attorney Loyd Bourgeois and I am ready to help you!  Give my office a call today at (985) 240-9773 for your free injury consultation!

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