Long-term disability insurance companies will tell you that they are serving a vital niche for disabled Americans and giving Louisiana workers a safety net when they fall ill. These insurance giants, (like Unum, The Hartford, and many others) spend millions each on marketing their virtues each and every year.

But their dirty little secret is that they have systematically denied and delayed long-term disability benefits to covered and premium paying policyholders for years.

While they may be trying to change their image, their past cannot be hidden. Their exploitation of the American worker is well known. If you are counting on receiving long-term disability benefits through your employer-provided benefits plan, you need to keep reading.

The CBS new program 60 Minutes aired a devastating exposé of Unum’s unsound business practices back in 2002. You would think that such damning exposure would force an industry-wide change – but you would be wrong.

In 2005 (three years after the initial exposure) Unum drew the ire of California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, who called the disability insurer an outlaw. In 2009, the Federal 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal, in a long-term disability case found that Unum operated under a conflict of interest.

The Hartford was recently mentioned in Congressional Testimony for its bad faith claims handling practices. And the Hartford was even sued by the Atlanta Braves for its disability claims practices and investigated by California’s Insurance Commissioner for its practices.

A former Unum employee has also come forward detailing their dishonest business practices.

If you need to file a long-term disability claim, it is important that you understand the industry you are up against. Their m.o. is to delay and to deny. You will need persistence and tenacity to win the battle.

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