ENDO Pharmaceuticals Removing Opioid Drug, Opana ER, From Market

Opana ER, an opioid pain medication, is being removed voluntarily from the market by its manufacturer Endo Pharmaceuticals. The FDA previously requested that ENDO stop selling the drug due to concerns over its potential for misuse and abuse.

In a June press release, the FDA announced that Opana ER tablets had “dangerous unintended consequences.”  The release also stated that “the benefits of the drug may no longer outweigh the risks.” The FDA stated that if Endo did not voluntarily recall the drug, the agency would formally withdrawal approval.

In ENDO’s statement withdrawing the drug, it said that while it “continues to believe in the safety, efficacy, and favorable benefit-risk profile of Opana ER,” it has agreed to withdraw the drug.” Endo plans to work with FDA to coordinate the orderly removal of OPANA ER in a manner that looks to minimize treatment disruption for patients and allows patients sufficient time to seek guidance from their healthcare professionals,” the company’s statement reads. “Patients taking OPANA ER should discuss treatment options with their prescribing physician at their next visit.”

If you have chronic pain in Louisiana and were prescribed Opana ER, you should speak with your doctor about safe alternatives to Opana ER as well as a cessation protocol.  

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