Divorce - What to do before you jump ship

That’s It…I Can’t Take It Anymore


I’m told there comes a point where you just know.  You’ve been thinking about it.  Maybe even discussed it in the past with your spouse.  Some have even tried counseling.  But, then, one day you just -- know it and there’s no going back.

You want out…no…you need out. But what does out mean?

The problem is going to come up: who leaves and who gets to stay in the house?7 Things To Do Before You Leave

There’s no cut and dry answer for this one. There aren’t many rules or laws for making your decision easier, either.

Before you decide to jump ship


and leave the nonsense behind, there are some critical steps you need to consider and think about, probably with the assistance of a Luling divorce and family law attorney:

  1. Is leaving absolutely necessary? What legal rights are you giving up when you leave?
  2. Can you afford to leave? 
  3. Will you have access to the documents and accounts you need after leaving to help in your case?
  4. Do you have a plan for parenting until you get to court, or are you just going to wing it?
  5. Do you know everything you have and are you taking everything you want?  What if there is a disagreement?
  6. Are you planning to be “free” since you broke “free” – that is, do you plan on dating since you left?  Think about why this may not be the best idea.
  7. Are you going to face this divorce alone without help? Who do you need to help you get the results you deserve?

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