Chronic Illness Can Make a Mental or Physical Disability Worse

Disabilities make it difficult to work and earn a living. When faced with a disability, you may need to apply for Social Security disability benefits or ERISA long-term disability benefits to help you pay for monthly living expenses and ongoing medical care.

Living with a disability is very challenging, often in ways those not disabled could never imagine. This is especially true for those who suffer from chronic illnesses. A study published in the CDC’s journal, Preventing Chronic Disease, titled “Disability Status as an Antecedent to Chronic Conditions: National Health Interview Survey, 2006–2012,” found that people with disabilities have a higher rate of chronic conditions compared to people without disabilities. The study found that people with physical and mental disabilities are more likely to suffer from chronic medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

You Don’t Have to Fight Alone

Having a disability along with a chronic illness can be very difficult to accept and deal with, and needing to fight for the disability benefits that you have paid for through your work may compound your problems.

If you are disabled and fighting a chronic medical condition, don’t fight for your disability benefits alone. You need to use a disability attorney who knows and understands what is at stake for you and your family. Call disability attorney Loyd Bourgeois today at 985-240-9773 or submit a free case evaluation.

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