Indya Major

Indya Major

Case Manager
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My name is Indya Major. I am a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a BA in Criminal Justice.

Prior to graduating from Southeastern, I attended and graduated from Hahnville High School.

I have always been very interested in the legal world. I never missed an episode of Law & Order and filled both my highschool and college elective classes with law studies and political science courses.

My desire to explore the world of law and politics really took off in college. While at Southeastern I served as the Director of Governmental Affairs. I also joined a nationwide political organization designed to educate youth on the importance of voting. We often organized voter registration booths and phone banking sessions.

I originally joined the firm in November of 2019 as an Intake Specialist.

From my very first day, Loyd and Christy instilled in me the firm's core values of "fighting life's legal battles with compassion and care."

It became very evident that Loyd treats his clients like family.

What I love most about intake is every conversation is another opportunity to help someone.

Shortly after my one year anniversary with the firm, I was promoted to case manager.

As case manager, I am responsible for ensuring disability claims are initiated timely and properly prepared to have the best chance of success.

There is an immeasurable amount of joy and fulfillment I get in knowing my work is helping better the lives of others.

We go above and beyond fighting for the well-being of our clients.