Christian Schou - Intake Specialist & Paralegal

Christian Schou

Christian Schou

Intake Specialist & Paralegal
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Christian joins the firm as a Boston University Paralegal Program Graduate and will assist our team with personal injury and family law matters primarily while also serving as our intake specialist.

Christian has love of helping people through tough circumstances and working with them towards their goals for their case. 

He is a skilled communicator with a degree in English and prior experience in sales.

He joins us after moving from Connecticut with a stint in California.

He is adjusting to our accents, food, and living on the bayou!

With this background and motivation, our entire team is excited about Christian’s potential and growth.  

Christian's Story

I was born on the west coast and raised on the east, but it was the single mother raising me that taught me everything I needed to know about life. You can dream big, get everything you want and you can do everything right - just to get knocked down for it. I knew at a young age that whatever you do, you do it for the right reasons.

Now, I was not nearly this enlightened when I was on the Pre-Law track at St. Michael’s College in Colchester Vermont, double majoring in English and Political Science by day. By night (and weekends) I was a sweating full-time line cook just trying to make ends meet and keep his eyes open. Now that may not have the glamor of a superhero, but that is what it took to make it through, and make it through I did.

Instead of running off to save the world after graduation, I spent 6 years in sales. Every day, trying on different smiles with people from every imaginable socioeconomic background in the world's most hated profession of a car salesman. Now I am sure you have not heard of an honest car salesman, but surely, you have heard of a good Christian. Still, while it allowed me to pay back those closest to me and get on my feet, I knew I was missing something big.

Covid-19 then turned the world upside down, we were all forced to take inventory of what really matters, of our right reasons. While 2020 was busy taking everything from all of us, I got my right reasons together and completed Boston University’s Paralegal program.

Now I won't waste your time with why I moved down here, you already know why Louisiana’s great, but I will tell you why I was so eager to join Loyd’s team.

For a long time, my livelihood depended on being able to tell when someone was lying, and I was quite successful. When Loyd sat me down and told me about his values, his right reasons, how he gets things done, and how he needed help helping more people, I knew he had the right reasons, and I knew I was in.

Now I am not trying to sell you something, I do not have to, and I surely do not have the time to try. 5 days a week I spend 8 hours a day glued to the phone making sure that we can help every person that we can. Even for those we cannot, we take the time to find someone or something that can. That is just how important helping people is to Loyd and is something that really makes me feel like a superhero.

Every day, I watch this firm make a difference for the right reasons.

So, when I am not doing everything to keep my 94’ Grand Cherokee running, struggling to fish, learning to clean a catfish, or enjoying the wonderful life by the bayou, I am right here waiting for your call with a whole team here ready to help.

(Just remember to cut me a break, I am still learning the south Louisiana lingo.)