Long Term Disability Benefit Video Tips

LTD Video Tip #1 - Read Your Policy

Long-Term Disability

You purchased long-term disability benefits through your employer or on your own. Now you are, unfortunately, at a time in your life where you need to use the benefits you paid for.

Applying for long-term disability benefits from a disability insurance company is full of pitfalls. The paperwork is beyond reason. The same question gets asked over and over by a friendly "case manager." You are confused and need help.

Maybe you were initially awarded long-term disability benefits under your employer's policy, but now the disability insurance company is doing an "any occupation" review. You wonder, What is an "any occupation" review?

The long-term disability insurance industry has taken advantage of disabled individuals like yourself for a long-time. They know how to play a little game called - Delay, Delay, Delay, Deny.

Don't take my word for it, there are numerous court decisions that have discussed the despicable actions of these long-term disability insurers.

I encourage you to visit my LTD FAQs page. Louisiana long-term disability applicants will find the answers to their questions about the long-term disability claims process. I have also provided video tips and reports discussing these issues.

If you have any questions or concerns about your long-term disability claim, call me.

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