How Long Does It Take To Get SSDI Benefits After I Am Approved?

Congratulations!  Your social security disability benefits claim was approved.  If you are like most of my Louisiana disability clients, after your SSDI claim has been approved – you want to know -  WHEN WILL I GET THE DISABILITY BENEFITS I HAVE BEEN AWARDED?

It will usually take a few months for your benefits to start – AFTER YOU RECEIVE A FAVORABLE WRITTEN DECISION.

If you received a favorable decision on your initial application – WOW – your benefits will start as soon as the paperwork is processed. You probably won’t have to work to obtain back benefits.  Your benefits will probably start within 30-90 days, assuming that you have completed the 5 month elimination period.

If your claim went through a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, you will have to wait longer.  Many ALJs in the New Orleans Social Security and Metairie Social Security hearing offices take about 1-3 months to issue their written decision.  When the decision is favorable, the claim file is then sent to the payment processing center, where it can take another 1-3 months for current benefits to start.

In some situations, Social Security issues current monthly benefits, but not the back payments.  This is because they need to investigate if you received any Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. If you also have a claim for SSI benefits, you will need to call or go to your local Social Security office for an appointment before your benefits can be released.

Social Security does not have any specific rules on when they will pay you after being approved, but if you have not received your benefits 60 days after your hearing, give your local Social Security office a call.

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This post was created by Greater New Orleans SSDI attorney and long-term disability lawyer Loyd J. Bourgeois on Louisiana Disability Law and is for educational purposes only. The social security disability or long-term disability information provided here is no substitute for speaking with or seeking assistance from a Louisiana lawyer familiar with social security disability claims or long-term disability claims.
5 Responses to How Long Does It Take To Get SSDI Benefits After I Am Approved?
  1. Mark
    March 26, 2011 | 11:39 PM

    I need my damm money asap payment center

  2. rick
    December 13, 2011 | 5:37 AM

    I feel ya Mark, Im in the same boat and need the money owed me so i can pay bills that have been piling up. You would think that after social security denied us and we won the fight for our benifits, they would try to speed up the process so we dont lose everything. Those of us who have gone thru this know what im talking about. Have a damned heart and help us, ive been 1.5 years without a paycheck at all and b4 that i was to forced to work a lesser job then i used to. First I went from making over 50k per yer down to 12k a year because ssi said i had to try something else and wasnt disabled. after trying the job for 2.5 years i had the same issue all over again. I finally lawyered up and proved my disability, but now find out i can end up waiting for another 1-3 months for the first payment and lord knows how long b4 they finally get me caught up. in the mean time, the wolf is at my door and im running low on ammo. There has to be a way to help those like us. I promise you that if my disability was mental, i would have been provided my benifits without a fight and also no delay. because my issue is physical, i guess the figure that if they hold the money long enough, maybe i will pass a way and they can save the money . no telling what they think.

  3. DEBRA
    January 7, 2012 | 5:59 PM


  4. richard
    March 16, 2012 | 9:12 PM

    sick and put out of work by doctor in 2008, denied and ajl hearing decembr 2012 received preliminary letter from local office saying if i agree to march 2009 onset of disability then judge will rule fully favorable, i accept on jan 22nd and on feb 22 i received the official award letter stating my benefits to start end march and that an ssi investigation is going to be done on backpay 3/9 received letter stating that they will not be withholding any money for ssi and expect a payment of xxxx end of the month for monthly benefits but doesnt specify when back pay will be paid back. I call the 800 number they tell me in 60 days that its at the processing centor anybody know what this processing center is and how long it will take?

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